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Raising the bar

Our firm sets the standard for our industry and inspires others to be their best by raising the bar on client service and transaction management. We are long-term players that cultivate solid relationships built on a foundation of trust and integrity. We create the highest value for our clients by continually uncovering exceptional opportunities.

Our primary goal is to provide the greatest level of service, opportunities and care to our clients. In doing so, we hope to leave a lasting positive impact and to create success for our partners and ourselves.
– Reza Etedali, CEO and Founder

The REZA Platform

Creative Negotiating and Problem-Solving

The REZA brand has been established through consistently executing highly complex retail transactions through proactively anticipating and problem-solving deal-related issues and obstacles before they jeopardize the transaction. The senior members of the REZA team have on average more than 20 years of experience and possess invaluable deal-making instincts.

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Comprehensive Database Ensuring Broad Asset Exposure

The REZA Platform utilizes a comprehensive and ever-evolving database that is populated with a diverse spectrum of investor profiles, ranging from private investors, foreign capital including Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Canadian sponsors, institutional investors, pension funds and pension fund advisors, real estate brokers from multiple asset classes, accommodators, and attorneys.
The REZA team's proprietary database is continually populated with any investor, broker, or other party that inquires into the team's inventory. The team consistently brings new inventory to market, constantly driving new investor and broker interest to the website, ensuring that the market's most currently active investors and brokers are reached through outgoing marketing efforts.
The team also leverages multiple marketing channels and advertising mediums to complement its proprietary database; resulting in exposure of our inventory to approximately 90,000 investors and brokers.
The end result is a "blanketing" effect, where the entire market is exposed to the team's inventory. This is evidenced by our unprecedented record of outside broker cooperation.

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Methodical and Unrivaled Analysis of Assets

The team's comprehensive underwriting process thoroughly analyzes an asset prior to initiating outward marketing efforts, identifying potential objections and issues and formulating strategies to address property-specific issues prior to going to market.

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Proven Track Record

The REZA team has successfully handled the acquisition and disposition of billions of dollars in retail and mixed-use assets throughout the various stages of the real estate cycle on behalf of some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

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Client Centric Approach

Operating within a framework of integrity and trust with the highest ethical standards is the foundation of REZA Investment Group's mission. Each client is treated with the utmost care to ensure that their best interests are the highest priority in a transaction.


REZA Investment Group Inc. contributes to and benefits from the industry and community through collaborative partnerships, strategic alliances, industry camaraderie, leadership, and generosity. The company empowers its individual members to consistently grow and develop personally and professionally. Our belief system and structure allows each team member the opportunity to come to work each day with passion and devotion.

Careers at REZA

Based in Irvine, CA, REZA Investment Group is the premier retail investment advisory firm. The company fosters professional and personal growth while providing a fast-paced and team-centric environment. REZA Investment Group offers a competitive salary and benefits programs for its employees.

The company is always searching for passionate and talented professionals. Please forward your resume to

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