Driving Results

“Our primary goal is to provide the greatest level of service, opportunities and care to our clients. In doing so, we hope to leave a lasting positive impact in the lives of those we do business with. As a byproduct of these efforts, we hope to create success for our partners and ourselves” – Reza Etedali, CEO and Founder

Core Values

REZA Investment Group’s core business philosophy and mission is based upon the belief that best way to maximize profits over the long-term is to not make them the primary goal of the business. Rather, long-term profits are the result of having a deeper business purpose – service to others, creating greater opportunities, satisfying clients, ensuring team member happiness and supporting the local communities.  While market conditions are subject to change, the company is committed to staying true to its mission, core values and purpose.

Focused Approach

The REZA team’s track record extends to all retail asset classes, including:

As a result of REZA Investment Group’s unique and expansive marketing strategy and wide-ranging experience in transaction management, the REZA team has successfully handled the disposition of billions of dollars in retail assets on behalf of some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

With an emphasis on developing deep rooted relationships, the REZA team continually probes the market to uncover new acquisitions opportunities.  Combined with the firm’s seasoned and instinctive deal-making team, the REZA platform creates significant value for clients.

opportunityUncovering Exceptional Opportunities – through its extensive network of property owners, existing and deep-rooted partnerships, and continuous efforts to find new assets and develop new relationships, the team continually provides exceptional investment opportunities to its clients.

businessmanInstinctive and Seasoned Dealmakers – the REZA brand has been established through consistently executing highly complex retail transactions through proactively anticipating and problem-solving deal-related issues and obstacles before they jeopardize the transaction.  The senior members of the REZA team average over 20 years of experience and possess invaluable deal-making instincts.

dealClient-Centric Approach – operating within a framework of integrity and trust with the highest ethical standards is the foundation of REZA Investment Group’s mission. Each client is treated with the utmost care to ensure that their best interests are the highest priority in a transaction.

handshakeLong-Term Partnerships – the REZA team views each client relationship as a long-term partnership, with the goal being to develop and maintain an ongoing alliance that transcends any single deal or transaction.   This is evidenced by the fact that many of the company’s clients are firms that the team has handled multiple transactions for over a multi-year horizon.

magnifyUnmatched Underwriting – The team’s comprehensive underwriting process thoroughly analyzes an asset prior to initiating outward marketing efforts, ensuring that any potential objections and issues are identified, and corresponding strategies to address property-specific issues are formulated prior to going to market.

groupExpansive Reach Through Cooperation – REZA Investment Group’s cooperative approach to marketing exposes assets to not only to a comprehensive database of active investors, but also to the spectrum of national and international commercial real estate brokers who specialize in all product types, financial planners, money managers, attorneys, accommodators, and lenders; providing unmatched exposure to the property to the entire pool of active investors.

chartProven Track Record – the REZA team has successfully handled the acquisition and disposition of billions of dollars in retail assets throughout the various stages of the real estate cycle on behalf of some of the most recognizable names in the industry.